Single Day Tennis Showdown - Girls 12U & 14U Divisions

Event Number: 1810

Description: Girls Single Day Showdown

Event Type: Racquetball, Tennis and Pickleball Leagues and Events

Participant Type: Girls

Game Schedule: Not yet posted

Registration Status: Open

Dates: 12/08/2018 - 12/08/2018

Days: Saturday

Register By: 12/03/2018

Cost: $30

Starting Time and Player Meeting

Check-in will begin at 9:15 am. Players meeting at 9:45 am. The first 2 scheduled games will start at 10 am.

Medals will pool winners.


* Matches will be one no-ad set to 6 games or time limit is called, whichever happens first.

* Players are allowed to warm up not more than 5 minutes for their first match. After that, not more than 2 minutes shall be used for warm up.

* Time will be called at 25 minutes after the match time is to begin (for a 10am match, time will be called at 10:25pm). At this point, if a game has been started, players will complete that game. If the set score is tied after all games are completed, then a 3 point tiebreaker will be played.

* 3 point tiebreaker - first to 3 points, you do NOT have to win by 2 points

* Serve rotation is just like a tiebreaker - player A serves the first point and then player B serves the next 2, etc. Do not change side.


This is a one-day tournament which will likely be held from 10am-2pm on Saturday. Play will be non-elimination allowing all players to get at least 3 matches. The format will be 30-minute matches or a no-ad set to 6 games, whichever happens first.

Online Registration

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Registered Participants

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